8 Key Attributes of a Successful Scrum Product Owner

product owner

In the Scrum software development method, teams are made up of the Product Owner, the Scrum Master and the development team. Of these, the Product Owner represents the best interests of the stakeholders and the needs of the customers, making sure the team keeps both in mind.

As a result, the Product Owner is also responsible for the company’s business value. They are accountable for delivering value/profit to the business and are in charge of the product backlog.

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The time and budget it takes to develop your Ruby on Rails web app

time budget

The question I hear the most is ‘how much will it cost to build my app’? The short answer is: It depends. Both design and development are creative processes that are difficult to estimate.

However, you need to know how much time and how big a budget you should have to release your idea to the world. In this article I’ll try to touch on the subject of Ruby on Rails app development cost and timeframe.

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How Outsourcing App Development Can Benefit Your Business

ruby on rails developer

Creating a successful app is no easy feat. If you’ve come up with a killer app idea that can disrupt present solutions, you’ll still have to brand it, market it and build it in the first place.

Building the app itself might be tricky. You’ll need to make sure core functionalities are implemented well, bug free. It’s a process of trial and error that might prove difficult for some.

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6 App Features Every Product Owner Must Consider

app features

Mobile apps are a wonderful thing; they can entertain us on long commutes, solve our problems or even teach us something new. But we would get none of these benefits if the minds behind them hadn’t painstakingly picked out the right app features.

An app’s core features are its bread and butter. Your software can be backed by market research and have a bright logo attached to it, but this is all useless if its content is sub par.

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Scrum Software Development: What You Need to Know to Get Started


The most important feature of any development team is how well they can work together. If they want to solve the problems of their users then they’ll need to be cohesive in order to tackle these issues well.

Teams that are unmotivated or don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing will deliver poor products or fail altogether. This doesn’t help your customers and it certainly doesn’t help your business.

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How to Describe Your App Idea to a Development Team


Coming up with the perfect app idea can be difficult, but unfortunately it’s just half of the struggle. In order to go from concept to tangible creation you’ll have to put it in the hands of a development team, explaining how you want your idea to come to life.

The initial description when you hand your idea to your dev team is key. Failing to communicate what you want will slow down the development process and increase the time and money it takes for you to release your app.

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Top 7 Scrum Project Management Tools

scrum tools

Scrum software development promotes flexible development and teams working towards a common goal. But, when there’s more than one pair of hands working on something, it can often be difficult to keep track of everyone and everything.

Furthermore, Scrum only works when everyone knows what they’re meant to be doing. If a key team member is left out of the loop it can hinder the project.

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