Five Lean Analytics Stages Every Startup Goes Through

lean analytics stages

When running a startup, there are many measures to optimize. This can turn into a dashboard full of numbers, charts and false positives. In the end you won’t get the answers you were looking for. What to tweak? When to scale? Where to invest? To do that, you’ll need to know the stage your startup is at.

With the Lean Analytics stages you can align the metrics important for the business and focus on them. When deciding on the stage where you’re at, try to be honest. Believing you’re further in the funnel than you actually are is not going to help.

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6 iOS App Development Books You Should Read Right Now

ios app development books

Making a successful iOS app isn’t as simple as thinking of an idea and wishing it into existence. If you lack technical skills the obvious choice would be to find a technical co-founder or a partner with an experienced iOS app development team.

The third more difficult (and fun) option is to dive into the world of iOS app development and create the app yourself. Here are six iOS app development books to help you do that!

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Playing with Phoenix Framework – Rails’ younger brother


Have you heard about Phoenix? It’s a new web framework written in Elixir language. And Elixir itself is a Ruby inspired language that runs on Erlang Virtual Machine. Yes, a lot of ties and references, but we are all one big family here, aren’t we?

Let’s see how closely related are Phoenix and Rails. We’ll do it all from scratch on OS X, with some help from Homebrew package manager.

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Product Owner Mistakes You Have to Avoid

product owner mistakes

As the Product Owner, it is your job to make sure that the development team is on track. You have to ensure that the product is the best that it can be. And that it includes features that people want and need. The Product Owner also acts as a bridge between the dev team and the stakeholders.

So it’s not an easy job, but you don’t have to make life harder for yourself, either. Here’s a list of common Product Owner mistakes that you have to avoid.

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Guide: How to Pitch Your Startup to Investors

pitch your startup

One of the biggest things holding you back from your startup dreams is money. When you don’t have any savings, and all you have is a lot of faith in your idea, it can be difficult to get your company off the ground.

It’s why so many people choose to seek investors.

But getting investors to put thousands of dollars into your business is no easy feat and it will need a killer pitch. So, if you’re preparing to pitch your startup read our checklist of what you should (and shouldn’t) do.

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How to Get Your Startup Featured on Product Hunt

product hunt

For many startups, creating a great product or finding a golden idea isn’t the problem. Getting people to buy or sign up for it is. With so many startups all vying for attention it can be hard to get your company noticed among the noise.

That’s one of the things Product Hunt can help with. Product Hunt gives companies a chance to get themselves seen. Your product can be featured on the PH site and in the daily newsletter which has many subscribers.

But how do you get featured on Product Hunt in the first place?

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Opal on Rails: Replacing CoffeeScript with client-side Ruby

opal on rails

CoffeeScript is one of the best things that happened to JavaScript. With its clear, easy to read, semicolon-less syntax, it feels almost like Ruby. Almost…

There has been a lot of discussion about isomorphic app development, where both server and client-side parts are written in the same language. One of the most mature and popular attempts to enable isomorphic development in Ruby is Opal.

In this article I’ll show you how easy it is to start writing your client-side scripts in Ruby. Right here, right now, with no excuses! :)

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Are You a Wantrepreneur? 3 Things Holding You Back From Launching a Startup


By definition, a ‘wantrepreneur’ is someone who wants to launch a startup but hasn’t yet taken the plunge. Wantrepreneurs aren’t (necessarily) slackers or are too lazy to go after their dreams; there may be perfectly valid roadblocks stopping them from doing so.

Here at EL Passion, we are devoted to helping startups become the best that they can be. To help you get into the startup world, we’ve put together this list of typical wantrepreneur obstacles and how to beat them.

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