6 Technical Skills A Non-Technical Startup Founder Needs to Have

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When you set up your business, you do so because you have a great idea that will be a hit in your market, or there’s a problem to fix and you have the solution. But as a non-technical startup founder, with no development skills, making your dream a reality can be a whole lot harder.

For example, if a non-technical startup founder doesn’t have a development team, they can’t make an MVP. The founder won’t be able to add features or fix bugs or make a tangible product at all. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t aid that development.

By learning a small amount of technical skills, you, as a non-technical startup founder, can support your company in smaller ways. Here’s our list of need-to-know technical skills – feel free to ask us questions about this post in the comments.

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3 Doubts Product Owners Have About Switching To Pair Programming

Pair Programming doubts

Making changes is not an easy task. Whether it comes to buying a new car or making an important business decision. Doubts before making the final decision are only natural. Same goes for product Owners who want to improve their product development process.

One of the ways of doing that is switching to Pair Programming. Here are the three biggest doubts that a Product Owner can have when it comes to this technique, with answers that explain the benefits.

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4 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Seven years ago, putting together a website was easy. You could buy your hosting, your domain name and pick up a basic/average looking template design for a few hundred dollars.

But that was a time when most people used their desktops and laptop computers to surf the web. These days, people visit your website from their watches, their smartphones and their tablets.

That basic website design is no longer going to cut it and responsive web design is the way forward. Responsive web design is a one-design fits all layout for your website that will look great no matter which device it’s viewed on. Here is a list of benefits to it.

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Why Growing Startups Should Consider Pair Programming

pair programming

In today’s digital world a top development team is hard to make. And even in the best teams, things can go wrong. Fortunately, there’s an agile software development technique that can improve performance: Pair Programming.

Yes, it means you’ll need a bigger team. But it doesn’t mean that you will regret the investment. How come? Here’s what makes Pair Programming teams a cost-effective solution for a startups.

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Five Lean Analytics Stages Every Startup Goes Through

lean analytics stages

When running a startup, there are many measures to optimize. This can turn into a dashboard full of numbers, charts and false positives. In the end you won’t get the answers you were looking for. What to tweak? When to scale? Where to invest? To do that, you’ll need to know the stage your startup is at.

With the Lean Analytics stages you can align the metrics important for the business and focus on them. When deciding on the stage where you’re at, try to be honest. Believing you’re further in the funnel than you actually are is not going to help.

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6 iOS App Development Books You Should Read Right Now

ios app development books

Making a successful iOS app isn’t as simple as thinking of an idea and wishing it into existence. If you lack technical skills the obvious choice would be to find a technical co-founder or a partner with an experienced iOS app development team.

The third more difficult (and fun) option is to dive into the world of iOS app development and create the app yourself. Here are six iOS app development books to help you do that!

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Playing with Phoenix Framework – Rails’ younger brother


Have you heard about Phoenix? It’s a new web framework written in Elixir language. And Elixir itself is a Ruby inspired language that runs on Erlang Virtual Machine. Yes, a lot of ties and references, but we are all one big family here, aren’t we?

Let’s see how closely related are Phoenix and Rails. We’ll do it all from scratch on OS X, with some help from Homebrew package manager.

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Product Owner Mistakes You Have to Avoid

product owner mistakes

As the Product Owner, it is your job to make sure that the development team is on track. You have to ensure that the product is the best that it can be. And that it includes features that people want and need. The Product Owner also acts as a bridge between the dev team and the stakeholders.

So it’s not an easy job, but you don’t have to make life harder for yourself, either. Here’s a list of common Product Owner mistakes that you have to avoid.

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