3 TED talks every Product Manager should watch


There are few hundred (or maybe even more) TED talks videos on youtube. Most of them are a fantastic, inspirational pieces you can watch on a daily basis. Not all are valuable for product managers though. Here’s my list of 3 helpful presentations.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Creating an App

creating an app

There are millions of apps now available across the App Store and the Google Play marketplace. With that much competition out there, creating an app is no longer just about coming up with an idea. Making an app that’s successful takes careful planning and consideration.

If you haven’t made an app before or you’re not sure where to start, it may be difficult to get the ball in motion. For that reason we’ve put together a list of five questions that you should ask yourself before creating an app. You can use them to decide how to continue with development.

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How Remarketing Can Help You Get More Users [with Infographic]


Creating an app is just a first step of making it successful. What you need to feel the excitement of your own product is having people actually use it and find it helpful in their daily tasks. New users are not going to magically appear on their own (although some might). How to turn visitors into users? Remarketing can be a handy solution.

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10 of the Most Promising Berlin Startups

10 most promising Berlin startups

While it may not have a startup scene as large as Silicon Valley’s, the amount of startups in Berlin is steadily growing. With some members of the German government pushing for tax breaks for small businesses and as the German economy continues to be strong, that rate is only going to increase even more.

But which companies have already made it? Which startups are doing something promising or have bootstrapped themselves to fame and fortune? In our list of the most promising Berlin startups, we take a look at some of the strong startups in the German capital.

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5 Effective Ways to Turn Free Users Into Paying Customers


Even if you have a great product with some killer benefits, it might not be a success. That’s the cold hard truth: if you don’t put the effort in then all your product development will have been for nothing.

But how do you convince people to become paying customers after they had a free trial? How do you even get them to download your app in the first place? You don’t want to waste your time so to make it much easier for you, here’s our list of five effective ways to turn free users into paying customers.

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6 of the Latest UX Trends in Web and Mobile Design

ux design

The user experience (UX) of your website, web application or mobile app are absolutely vital. Good UX tells the user whether your company is trustworthy, whether you have their best interests in mind and how hard you’re going to work to cater to their needs.

When it comes to UX design, there is no room for cutting corners. You need to get it right or you risk turning customers away. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the latest web and mobile design trends, so you can find out what your users are expecting from your UX.

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How to Avoid a Product Launch Disaster


Everyone wants their product launch to be successful. You want that launch hype to snowball and for thousands of users to get your product and then tell all of their friends about it too.

In fact, a successful launch can help set your business up for the future. Off the back of a successful product launch you’ll be able sell newer versions of the product and make a profit from that too.

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How Your Apps Can Make the Most Out of iOS 8

ios 8

As of the 2nd of March, 2015, iOS 8 adoption has hit 75%. There are over 500 million iPhones out there in the wild so that means that almost 400 million of them are running Apple’s new operating system.

As an app developer, it’s your job to make sure that your apps are using iOS 8’s features wisely. Users will appreciate the fact that your app was made specifically for their OS and it can also make your app more useful to them to.

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4 Things to Know Before Developing an Apple Watch App

apple watch

With Apple Watch sales estimated to hit 20 million units in its first year of release, Apple’s new wearable could be a chance for you to hit the big time. Everyone using the device will be looking for quality apps to download.

But before you dive right into the world of Apple Watch development, you as a Product Owner need to decide if that’s the best idea for your business. In order to figure out if Apple Watch development is a smart move, there’s a lot that you need to know.

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